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Things to do at Gwango


Sunrise or Sunset Game Drive in the Gwango Estate 
$45 per person, includes snacks & beverages (min. 4 pax)
Climb onboard a 4x4 safari vehicle for a custom wilderness adventure with a professional guide and explore the protected wilderness in and around the Gwango Estate.  It's truly one of the few locations in the world where thousands of species still co-exist in their natural habitat, unrestrained by fences or the imposing threat of human activity.  Game drive guests enjoy bush breakfasts or coffee/tea at sunrise and sundowner beverages with snack at sunset. You must be over 6 to join a game drive.
Approx time: 3 hours

  Night Excursion in the Gwango Estate
Tracking Elephants by Moonlight

$35 per person, includes snacks & beverages (min. 4 pax)
Discover porcupines, civet cats, genet, leopard and other nocturnal animals as part of this amazing experience.  Knowledgeable guides also navigate you through the crowded African sky, sharing stories of ancient myths, romance and culture.
Approx time: 1 hour
  Cultural Tour at Gwango Heritage Resort 
$15 per person (min. 2 pax)
Visit the Nambya Homestead at Gwango Heritage Resort. Learn about the history, traditions and rural life of the Nambya people.

Approx time: 2 hours
  Guided Walk in the Gwango Estate 
$45 per person, includes snacks & beverages (min. 4 pax)
Experience the excitement of identifying and tracking elephant, big cats, antelope, birds, insects and plants
.  You must be over 13 to join a bush walk.  Walking safaris are subject to the availability of qualified guides.
Approx time: 2 hours
  Morning or Afternoon Game Drive
in Hwange National Park

$65 per person, includes snacks & beverages (min. 4 pax)
Professional guides introduce you to the intense beauty and drama that fills each day at Hwange National Park.  Offering the greatest concentration and variety of game in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park is home to over 400 bird types and 107 species of mammals.  The park is one of the few remaining elephant sanctuaries in Africa and is famous for its huge population of elephants, often seen in herds of up to 100
Approx time: 3 hours
  Full Day Game Drive in Hwange National Park
$135 per person, includes lunch, snacks & beverages (min. 4 pax)
A full day game drive in Hwange National Park normally departs at 6:30am.  The Main Camp gate at Hwange National Park is normally open from 6:30am to 6pm. While on safari, you'll enjoy a packed lunch at a stunning location within the park.  Y
ou will be exiting the park by 6pm, so your guide may also bring you to a Gwango pan for a breath taking African sunset.


a note about bird watching ... Hwange is a birder’s hotspot attracting a large number of bird species with a variety of habitats, including vast Kalahari sands, teak woodlands, fossil dunes, vlei and glasslands.  At the many pans (waterholes) look for Southern Ground-hornbill, Bradfield Hornbill (protected), Yellow-billed Oxpecker, Woolly-necked and Saddle-billed Storks, Burchell’s and Yellow-throated Sandgrouse, Kori Bustards, Red-crested Korhaans, Secretarybirds, Black-winged and Collared Pratincoles, Three-banded Coursers, Grey-backed and Chestnut-backed Sparrowlarks and many others, including Egrets, Herons, Dwarf Bittern, Maccoa, Lesser Moorhen, Terns and African Skimmer.

The acacia and woodland areas attract Southern White-crowned Shrike, Magpie Shrike and Crimson-breasted Shrike, Southern Pied Babbler, African Red-eyed Bulbul, Arnot's Chat, Kalahari Scrub-robin, Barred Wren-warbler and Stierling’s Wren-warbler, Tinkling Cisticola, Black-chested Prinia, Meves’s Starling, Red-billed Buffalo-weaver, Orange-winged Pytilia, Shaft-tailed Whydah and Broad-tailed Paradise-whydah and Black-faced Waxbill.

The area also has many raptors including Tawny, Bateleur and Martial Eagle, African Hawk-eagle, Southern Pale Chanting-goshawk, Red-necked Falcon, Dickinson’s Kestrel, African and Eurasian Hobby. Vultures and Marabou Storks are a common sighting following a lion kill.  


To book a game drive or walking safari, simply send us an email with your request.  We look forward to being of service to you.